About Me And My Work:

Hi! My name is Megan McGrady. I am a Rhode Islander, growing up in beautiful South County. I am married with two children and have a large extended family whom I love very much!

I have an Associates Degree in early childhood education from Mt. Ida College in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rhode Island College. After college, I worked at a large insurance company, as a rep, trainer and manager for 15 years. In 2009, I had a life changing event which forced me to review what is truly important, which is being there for my family and doing something that I love.  I took photography classes,  self-taught Photoshop and made my passion into a living. I use a Nikon Full Frame DSLR and edit using Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  I feel very blessed that my job doesn’t feel like “work”!

Some other random things about me. I’m a vegetarian and love restaurants that have lots of veggie options. I’ve got two awesome kitties, “Pickle” (a big gray/white crazy puff ball) and “Lily” (a white/tan sweet little puff ball). They are brother/sister and make me smile every single day!  I love to travel and take photos of the places I’ve been. I would LOVE to become a travel and/or wildlife photographer someday. I also love sports photography. It would be so cool be on the field at Gillette Stadium and capture action photos of the best football team ever!  I am fascinated by historic photos and enjoy restoring and preserving them. I love to look for all the fine details in the old photos like clothing and items in the background.

Some things I don’t really care for is winter and mean people. I am not a big fan of winter because I get SO cold, but I do like to venture out and capture winter scenes. I prefer the warm weather and hope to live on a tropical beach someday..haha..I can dream! I don’t like when people are unkind to each other. I hope someday to live in a world where peace, kindness, and love is everywhere!


I love working with real estate agents on their new listings. Let’s face it, in today’s real estate market, great photos of the property are extremely important. It’s the first step to finding potential buyers. I look for great angles and features in the home to make it look it’s absolute best!  I can also photograph the home at sunset for gorgeous “twilight” photos.  I’ve teamed up with Christina Reilly of Interior Organizing, who specializes in home staging. She is outstanding at turning a room into an uncluttered, inviting space. We work together on the same day to get your property photographed, ready to be listed and looking wonderful. Christina’s website is interiororganizing.com. Our services are billed separately.


Restaurants/Retail Shop Owners/Any business that has a website or social media presence. In today’s world, people want to see where they are going before they get there. Let’s say for example, there is a couple looking to go out to dinner and want to try a new place. They will likely search the web or Facebook to see what the restaurant looks like before they decide to go. It’s so important for business owners to invest in professional photographs! Contact me for a quote.


If you’re in a professional industry, whether it’s real estate, corporate, or even a new college graduate, it’s very important to have a professional headshot. I have a home studio which provides a relaxed environment for your session. I will also bring my equipment to an office and offer a volume discount (5 people minimum). You are able to pick out your image before your session ends. The image is custom edited to make you look your best and delivered via email for you to save to your computer and use as you wish.


I love working with preschool age children! I prefer to find a beautiful tree or location outside the school to photograph the children which creates such a special and unique “school picture”. I work with each school individually to suit what best fits their needs. I work very hard to ensure each child looks their best and to get the cutest smile possible!


Seriously, what’s cuter than a little ballerina or more beautiful than a young dancer?! These are photos they will cherish forever. I work with the dance studio to make it as easy as possible for the parents and dancers.


I have had the pleasure of photographing several families at the local dances at Elementary and Private schools in South County. It’s so sweet to see the little children all dressed up for their big night out with their parent! These pictures are very special and will be mementos for all their lives. I work with each school to ensure my backdrops are complimentary to any themes.

I also have experience photographing other events such as ribbon cutting events for local businesses. Please inquire for rates.


I have experience photographing a variety of portraiture, including seniors, maternity, newborn, children, and families. I do prefer to utilize the gorgeous scenery in South County with outdoor sessions whenever possible. I have a home studio which I utilize during the cold months and for newborn sessions with several backdrop options. Rates vary depending on the type and location of your session.


Whenever I get an spare moment, I grab my camera and go have some “fun”.  I love photographing our gorgeous state and region. There is beauty at almost every turn in RI and New England. I make a calendar each year from the photos that I’ve been able to capture around the area. My images are available for purchase.  Please message me for prices.